shown actual size... 

In my dreams the bottle is this big, sorry, I couldn't help myself lol 

So. Much. Hype. This oil has been heralded as the ultimate solution for every single beauty product - from acne, hyperpigmentation, and sagging to fine lines/wrinkles. It's been said to work overnight. It's been lauded by Vogue, R29, Violet Grey,

It's exempt from all promotions, on every site.  Because they cannot keep it in stock. And because it's worth it.

Trust me, as someone who has great skin, I was ready to be like "Don't worry guys, you don't need this." Now instead I'm like, "well, maybe I shouldn't tell anyone in case they run out and there's not enough for me."

"Maybe I can give up all my other products to justify just purchasing this one."

"What the heck am I going to write about on the blog after this? I might need a new oeuvre?"

Yes, it's that good. My first morning after I woke up expecting not to see anything but my complexion had this lit from within glow. Some spots I had when I went to bed were gone, the largest faded to a tiny, pink divot. My face was plump, healthy, moist but not greasy.

By day two I couldn't stop selfying.

Now, a week in it's taking all my willpower not to order 14 bottles and hide them in a special, temperature-controlled safe so I always have them when they inevitably sell out. Nothing has ever, ever made my skin look this good before. It's radiant, glowing, oozing with health, smooth, plump, luscious, divine. It looks good up close, or from far away. In bad light, good light, shadows. It feels good. It smells good.

So get the Vintner's Daughter Botanical Serum. Or don't, more for me...