A boutique is a reflection of the energy and style of the owner. A successful boutique also reflects the gestalt of an entire neighborhood, even city. Which is why finding one filled with sartorial and home delights are such a beacon. It means "yes, your people are here."
Such was how I felt when, during my first foray into the foodie and rainbow-colored street art haven that is five points, I stumbled into Shea. The boutique, located at 2605 Larimer St in Denver, is a little slice of everything I love.

The bottom floor boasts soaring ceilings and chic decor, while also housing racks of light as air bohemian frocks, beautiful objects, and perfectly curated gift accessories. There are handmade sweatshirts, block-printed with rap lyrics, nestled side by side with familiar brands like Amuse Society. The owner is from LA and it shows.

The second floor is home to a pop-up shop of perfectly potted plants in gorgeous planters ranging from brass and copper pots to minimalist white ceramic. All topped with an impressive collection of gorgeous crystal chunks, wands of the pearliest selenite, and just plain old good energy.

The owner Megan is just about the cutest pregnant person you will ever meet (well I guess not for long, that's how these things work.)

Come by for the decor, leave behind half your wallet. Prob see you there!

Beatrix, the cactus, in her new home... 

My super rad wands... 
Mother in law's" tongue, in her new home