I think other people would refer to this as "Needs" or "Trends" but I hate the word "need" in this context. It's a want. You need food and shelter. You want that pair of white sneakers, which is a trend that shows no sign of going anywhere.

The word "trend" also has a negative connotation that implies a short duration of usability - something that has yet to happen to other trends like thick eyebrows, mom/dad jeans, k-beauty, and taking pictures of your pretty makeup. Maybe a better title would be developments? Because this feels more like an evolution, or progression than a sweeping dismissal of old things. If the return of the choker has taught us anything, it's that some trends don't die.

So here goes, my predictions for the things about to seem ubiquitous by the time summer is over. Hop on board, reap the early adopter benefits, and prepare to hear me say I told you so a few times.

an evolution of the soft sided bucket bag

Right, when my beloved soft-sided, glossy thick leather bucket bag fell apart (thanks, Ouai!) I got a solid year of wear out of that GWP) in comes the answer to all my black bag needs. The hard sides of this architectural wonder make it so I can place, or hang, with ease. Like it's soft-sided predecessor, it's basically Mary Poppins purse in terms of carrying around cosmetics, phone, charger, wallet, and like, a puppy. It's that big. Also, it basically looks like art when you don't wear it. Oh, and Alexa Chung and Jeanne Damas both have one. The problem is that when everyone has the same shiny, thick, minimalist bucket bag - which is in a sense, the perfect bag for so many reasons - fashion girls always want to stand out a little. This one is just so irresistible because it still has all the minimalist, IDGAF attitude, this is kind of classic but not really gestalt, without the risk of taking someone else's purse home.

Staud Bissette Bag, or try the J.W. Anderson, Creatures of Comfort, or the Simon Miller Bonsai if you really don't need a cross body strap option, in which case you live my dream life, can we be friends?

an evolution of the rapidly growing amount of money people are willing to spend on skincare these days and the proliferation of information on carcinogens in cosmetics

I'm pretty sure I spoiled the plot with that intro, so I'm just gonna drop my current favorites on here and walk away. This post is long enough as it is.

Glossier Mist (yes, it's super green! The worst ingredient is a 3, a preservative called Potassium Sorbate, which I am grateful for because spoilage sucks) |  Vintner's Daughter  | Sunday Riley Tidal | Tata Harper Mist | Herbivore Lapis Oil

an evolution of chandelier earrings and all the highlighter, all the time

Listen to your elders, after dewiness, the second sacrifice to aging is a healthy flush in cheeks and lips (unless you have Rosacea, a story for another day.) A little sweep of color on the cheeks goes a long way in terms of going from, "are you wearing any makeup?" to "WOW, you look amazing, are you even wearing any makeup?"

And once those cheekbones are flexed out, don't sleep on this seasons' danglers. Put the chandeliers away for a few seasons, when they will inevitably return in force. For now, it's all about round shapes.
Look for big, thick, sexy hoops (literally winning at Instagram are these ones which are light as air and showing up on everyone.) Also hot are dangling spheres on spheres (in either metallic with rods like these, or wrapped in embroidery, or beaded, or these bone ones shown here.) Despite their total lack of subtlety when it comes to size, color, and attention drawn to cheekbones, the sleek and minimal circle shape feels fresher and more modern than the heavy chandelier shape. If you must chandelier, a monochrome pick, like these gold ones my super cool friend brought me from Mexico) are glorious additions to any ear stack. I like to pair them with a slightly shorter dangler in my second hole for a sexy, exotic vibe.

an evolution of beauty science

Vit C imparts a lit from within glow, speeds healing, undoes sun damage and over-pigmentation, increases the efficacy of your sunscreen, and about 14 other things I can't even list here. The problem? It's super unstable and basically spoils the second you open the bottle and expose it to light or oxygen. Love, chemistry. Fear not though - the expensive predecessors fueled a scientific cattle-run to deliver more affordable, more potent, cuter packaged Vitamin C. How? By either combining it with other ingredients, like Super Glow, which pairs with it with skin fortifying magnesium, or my beloved Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, or by creating a super fun to use air and light proof container, like the  Drunk Elephant C-Firma.

Pro-tip: Speaking of chemistry, be careful when mixing C with Niacinamide (skincare's current acne healing wunderkind, like that found in Super Pure) because the two mixed together create Niacin, which produces a very red flush in skin. Called Niacin flush, it will fade, but avoid it all together by waiting at least five minutes between applying the actives.

an evolution of Man Repelling, and all beach bags, ever

Two (maybe three?) years ago, Man Repeller did a story on buying vintage picnic baskets and turning them into purses. Now, those are basically all sold out, or just way overpriced, and the beach bag du jour is a fair-trade basket. Bright colors, space for a towel/water bottle, and a small dog, plus complete immunity to sand/pool dirt? Who could resist?

The colorful one shown here is sold out, but I have a little shoppers remorse because I so deeply love this straw/black fringe, or this neutral one with pompoms!  You can also just lean all the way into the picnic basket thing. Plus when the summer is over you can repurpose them for home decor. #totesboho

an evolution of dad jeans, normcore,  athleisure and the fact that if you're spending a fortune on skincare you better wear a damn hat

I went all in on this trend last summer because it was too windy for my cute boater hat. In case you're left behind, your favorite brand probably makes one right now - like Outdoor Voices, or just wait for your favorite brand to give one away as a gift-with-purchase like the Ouai and Parcel did. Urban Outfitters also has great stock, as does, probably, your husband or dad.

an evolution of the earthy, luxuriously-priced candle phenomenon

You buy one expensive $65 candle (like my beloved Feu de Bois pictured below) and then just augment it with the earthy, spicy, similar scent of $20 aka 4 months worth of daily burning incense. Or just burn straight up Palo Santo  ($9 for a bunch) to augment the much lusted after $75 candle version.