Sounds like a total gimme - everyone knows a white whatever makes you look tan. But that's IRL. In pictures, white can wash you out. For the same reason - white reflects light. So when it bounces onto you in the wrong way it can wash you out, flatten your features, turn your complexion sallow. But when used correctly, in the right places, under the right circumstances, the result can be incredibly bright-eyed, dewy, plump-lipped, and radiant.

Behold my look, complete with a prediction for this season's must-have hat - the denim bucket hat. What I think is awesome about this look is how easy it is, as well as melt-proof and quick. The lipgloss lasts for crazy long, without getting sticky. Even with a little smudging it still looks great. And they tiny adorable containers fit in just about any bag.

I also made this handy video to show you where to apply for maximum brightening and impact.

Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone and Lip Gloss | JD Lid Tint in Peach | White Eyeliner | Acne Concealer