Lip gloss reminds me of nothing less than youth. My first lip gloss was soda flavored, bought from a drugstore, and came with a peel-off nail polish that did nothing but make a mess and develop in me a lifelong and horrifying habit of peeling off my gel/regular nail polish. But the lip gloss, oh the lip gloss, brings me nothing but good memories. The sticky sweetness on my lips, how grown up and fancy I felt.

Teen years while I clung to a sense of tomboy ferocity, I still could not shake the love for a shiny lip. It was more likely to come from a utilitarian vaseline tube, or some cherry chapstick, but applied with such ferocity that the smells only remind me of hormones, parties, and a longing for the right boy to notice my lips. 

I remember vividly the feeling in college, a need, to get the level of gloss that could only be worn with hair up, because it was basically glue. I could always identify my drink by the somewhat gross layer of stick left behind. It was SO. WORTH. IT. Including the drive to the mall, and the extra hours of babysitting to afford that tube of MAC lip glass that would make up for the fact that my purse and jeans weren't designer. My face would be designer. Everytime I reached into my F21 purse and pulled out that perfect minimalist tube (and it was often) I would feel fancy AF. I did not even care that I could barely talk my lips were so stuck together. 

Slowly, without realizing it was happening, the beloved sticky glosses of my early teens through 20s began to be replaced with matte pencils, matte lipsticks, even matte lip balms (shout out to the matte, natural that imparts moisture without a hint of shine or gloss.) I didn't have the time for all that stickiness, the texture became overwhelming and heavy, and was it just me or did it feel like the next day your lips were soooo dry? How does that make any sense?

But it is 2017 and old is new again. And why not? Gloss gives lips volume, it is sparkly, it is fun and youthful. It doesn't need a video tutorial to apply. It is still fun to pull that perfect, minimalist, Glossier tube out of my purse and reapply in a somewhat sultry, dare you not to look kind of way. 

If I worry about stickiness for kissing, whelp, the husband won't kiss me if my lips have even a hint of balm, so why not go full bore? The answer is there is no reason. None. 

And if we needed any more proof that it was back to stay, Glossier has added their own lip gloss to the permanent collection by popular demand. Because it is an awesome, modern take on lipgloss. t is thin and buildable and in order to get this glossy you need to apply liberally, which is actually quite fun. It's also super moisturizing and packed with Vitamin E. It's also got a cute package and a very soft doe foot applicator, which is really fun to say. Try it. Doe Foot Applicator. It is a soft gloss, a non-sticky gloss, and after it kind of feels like you put on a lip mask. It looks beautiful in pictures, making it perfect for that summer thing where you want to look "effortless" in your bikini but also dipped in luxury. It has a hint of sweetness in the smell that is redolent of misspent youth. 

Here I am wearing a Cloud Paint in Haze on my cheeks, eyes AND lips (seriously, all you need is a tiny drop!) layered with the Glossier Lip Gloss

XXXXXXX (those are glossy kisses) 

P.S. I also have haloscope in quartz mixed with stretch concealer under my eyes. If you haven't embraced this tip yet, I am not going to stop trying but don't worry, I am not unaware that I am pushing it hard.