Sometimes I get a little sick of this whole "no makeup makeup" thing. Besides the fact that it's a fricking mouthful, it's also like 2000x times harder to wear makeup and look like you're not wearing any at all. Also, while I'm all for things that don't cover up freckles, sometimes it just gets boring to apply the same paper thin layers of xx, and then top it with a whisper thin hint of YY, melting it all in with your fingers to leave the "perfectly there wash" of whatever. 

Sometimes, I just want to use a brush - I want to wear colors that don't occur in nature - and if my freckles get blotted out but so does this obnoxious constellation of zits that stress has given birth to on my cheeks and chin. 

So behold the opposite of no make-up. Allllll, the makeup.  

Eyeliner, two colors of eye shadow, clear gloss and another layer of colored eye gloss on top of that. Redness reducing primer. Blur primer. Foundation applied in three coats for actual coverage. Concealer. Concealer mixed with a highlighter. Two kinds of blush. I could keep going but I have to type them up again when I list the links here. 

And you know what happened? They wouldn't serve me at the bar because I looked so young. I can't even make this stuff up. 

So no, this won't become my everyday look. But boy, was it sure fun. It definitely made me super sassy when I was taking pictures. Not one normal shot in the bunch. Also never underestimate the power of a circle light. Everyone should get a look at themselves in a circle light before leaving the house, just for that self-esteem boost. Feeling myself. 

Also, I took off this cute blouse and put on a Patagonia because I found it my plans involved video games, puppies, and dive bars. Lots of eye makeup and a fleece, very high school Dena circa 1999. 

Anyways, here's a list of everything I can remember that I used, and what it looked like when I was done (waking up to tornado bathroom, not as unfun as you might think!) 

HAIR: Shiny Hair Method | Ouai Hairspray  

Taking pictures of your own eyelids is harder than you might think, this tongue thing seemed to help... 

Pillowtalk really lives up to the hype - also Lip Whip is delicious 

Consider how much gloss was on my eyes I am amazed I didn't get a stye... but nope. Clear as a bell. 

Growing out bangs is hard :/