I don't even know how this happened. I think I was reading someone else's getting ready routine or something and I had my camera nearby. So I went into the bathroom, which I had just cleaned.  This would not have happened if I hadn't just cleaned. I took these pictures, and then a day later I sat down with them and I wrote these captions. Very stream of consciousness. It's basically like you came over to my house and I took you into my bathroom for a tour. Because that's legit something I would do in real life/have done before. I've been told it's pretty fun. 

HIS, although TBH, I got him most of this. He personally loves the Imperial Pomade for that super, wet looking hold. I am trying to wean him onto the Ouai pomade because I love the smell. I also am not into the crunchy thing. I think (hope) he's finally getting into a softer finish. We both use and love Quip, the toothpaste is delicious. I love the minimalist packaging for both paste and brush.  Also, the convenience of having it delivered, obvi. (Use my code to get $5 off) Also, I picked out this cologne for him for xmas and got it engraved with his initials. It smells like he smells in my head - clean laundry, salty ocean spray and a little something sweet.  It's super subtle, which we both also like. 
HERS (FYI, duel sinks is probably why we have such a happy marriage) Also, are you so proud of me for all these natural product picks? Sunday Riley Tidal + Glossier PM Rich give me life in this dry, dry city.  Joanna Vargas Daily Serum & Vintner's Daughter I blame doubly on Into the Gloss & Violet Grey.  Obviously I have the obligatory burned out diptyque candle filled with every shade of cloud paint, every flavor of balm.com, and my Milk face gloss.  The Tata Harper Mist is incredible, I got a trial size and became completely hooked. It moisturizes while also tightening up your pores. Like I can't explain it but it just does. It also smells amazing.  I am covered in bruises so I use the Nuxe Huile Oil like foundation for my body - it's so flattering and light. Can someone tell me how to pronounce it tho?  Current favorite sunscreen, Tatcha's Silken Pore Sunscreen which you have hopefully already about here.  And of course, the Drunk Elephant C-Firma, which I had to buy because it won ITG's march madness product competition against some pretty insane products. I alternate between the DE and the JV. I've definitely got a highlighter free glow, and my acne-induced dark spots/redness cleared up so fast after this last lupron-induced outbreak
Actual jug of coconut oil that lives in my shower, not a joke. Also, this eucalyptus and mint shower cleaner smells amazing. I am obsessed with it. Wrote about the shampoo here, don't feel like getting into it again. I will leave you with two words: shiny hair.
Shower goodies! I keep like 1/3 of my masks in here (the ones that act quickly, save water) for when I want a more indulgent shower. Pretty sure there are no surprises here - I've written about a lot of this stuff. Love the Lagom, I use it as a body wash and it is so luxe. Obviously, the Ouai Mask and Volumizing Conditioner have been oft featured. Body scrub is from Trader Joe's! Also, Steve and I both use Harry's razors and we love them.  French Pharma hook up is def Violet Grey, their recommendations are always top. 
I use this Mexican blanket I stole from my mom as a bath mat. It's exactly the right size, super plush, and I think it kind of adds some punch to all this sparkling white. Here it's hanging out to dry. 
My precious babies! I leave them by the tub but really I use them all over the house. The Renee Rouleau is very strong, it's my special occasion/emergency I feel something coming plan of attack. It is so light and pleasant and shimmer gold, I have to remind myself that it is potent and effective and should be used sparingly so I never run out.  If I run out it will be the day before a huge event, clearly. The Shangpree is a cleanser that also works as a mask. That's what they do at their world class spa in Korea. I try to do it 3-4 times a week - I'll put it on and then brush my teeth, then wash it off. This bottle has lasted forever considering how often I use it. It has the old label instead of the new one. I use the Honey Mud several times a week also, maybe once as a mask and the other times as a cleansing balm, I would use it more but I'm terrified of running out.  And of course, the triple G aka Glossier' Green Galaxy, which is just such a gentle detox mud mask. 
I'm not doing this, I'm such a hoarder - what is that 8 haloscopes??? Gah. And the serums, I legit did a purge and these are just the ones I use a lot. I've written about everything in this drawer - it's just good stuff. My best tip here is those eye wipes hiding in the corner. It has to be the plus. My doctor told me about them, and they can be used as makeup removers and actually made a stye go away in 24 hours. They are the best.

Of course there's another one. This is more spillover and where I keep my multiples. Stuff that's not in cute packages (perscription creams, bandaids) goes down here where I can use it but I don't have to look at it. 
Here's my insane collection of body lotions, plus my two hair products. Such a contrast! Just two hair products, the dry shampoo foam amd the wave spray, this brand just really works for my hair.  Then  there's like my fifteen body lotions! I use all of this... I like to layer, my skin gets very dry. I'll do either the HA gel or the spray, which is for face but works for body! Then I top it with a heavy, luscicous lano cream or an emollient cream.  This one is cheap, giant, relatively natural and smells subtly like a tropical vacation. 
This is my jewelry basket so my precious babies don't fall down the drain - one of my biggest fears. I got it at a thrift store. I feel like you need someplace to just throw things. This usually ends up filled with whatever I pluck from the drawers - makeup, serums, etc. and then once a week I put everything back in it's place.