Fun fact about me - I hate sunscreen. I know I'm not alone in this. A whiff of that smell, that baby powder turned sour smell, and all I can feel is that goopy mess on my face. Sticky, pore-clogging, fun killing sunscreen. But of course, the sun is terrible for my skin. And I spend a fortune on my skin. Too much to mess around with inadequate sunscreen. So I need something that I like enough to use. Something that feels good, smells good, has a cute packaging I want to carry around (and take pictures of, I am nothing if not self-aware!) 
Last year I fell in love with these ones, but while I'm still ride-or-die for the sunscreen oil spray, I realized I was being too precious with my face application. The truth was, I didn't want to reapply because I didn't want to mess with my base. Yes, I will wear concealer or a little skin tint to the pool. No, I am not ashamed. 
Most pool sessions are very social! But, I digress, I needed something I would lavishly reapply like I do with the sunscreen oil (it smells so good I can't help myself.) Something that had heavy SPF but maybe could also act as whatever face smoothing I felt like I needed. Also, a foundation is too heavy, so even though my foundations all have SPF, I hate that feeling like I'm sweating and the make-up is seeping into my pores. Something that my skin soaked up but that didn't irritate it or clog my pores. The holy grail of sunscreen. 

So, let's review the list of requirements:
- Feels good
- Smells good
- Cute packaging
- Acts as a skin smoother/base
- Clean feeling
- Light
- Lavish reapplication inducing
- Doesn't make me break out
- Doesn't pill or roll with concealer

This is obviously asking a lot for a sunscreen. But it's 2017 people. And I found it. Tatcha's Silken Pore Sunscreen is all of these things and a bag of chips. I know it's pricey, but it's worth it. Why? It's so luxurious feeling that you do in fact want to reapply and reapply. What's the point in buying sunscreen you don't enjoy? Waste of money. Plus, this tube is way bigger than last year's pick. Use your Rouge discount (I know it's coming!!) and stock up for the summer. You'll thank me (kissy face emoji) I promise. And just in case you don't believe me, here's some super close ups of my face, wearing it with just a little smudge of my favorite acne-treating concealer. Also, pictures of the super cute packaging. 

P.S. Did you know applying a C serum before sunscreen boosts the efficacy? I did not make this up. Try Glossier Super Glow, which is light, fast absorbing, and (relatively) inexpensive! 

Immediately after applying... 

Reapplied after an hour, in pool, using iphone as mirror :)