Could you Just die for these cheekbones??

Listen, everyone needs a friend (or ten) in their lives who makes them feel absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I have those. I treasure them. But having someone who is in fact, an artist, play with your face is a special experience unlike any other. If you find one that you like, shower her lavishly with all the love and attention she deserves because in return she will bring something special into your life that only she or he can bring.

Here's why I am particularly obsessed with Jamie.

1) She convinced me to get the May Lindstrom Honey Mud and the Vintner's Daughter and my skin has never looked better. Plus, not only does she want my skin to look amazing, but she cares that I use non-carcinogenic ingredients.

2) When I'm with her we can (and do) talk about everything. Beauty is a larger concept than a lot of people give it credit for - having a conversation with someone who loves and respects it as much as I do is pure heaven.

3) She makes me look beautiful, but like myself covered in sparkles and fairy magic. The truly talented artists look at your face, your actual face, and then they just decorate and enhance the beauty that's already there. At the end of it, you feel grateful and complete - not like you need to buy fourteen things to recreate the look at home. (Which of course means you end up needing every single thing they used.)

4) She's fun AF. Getting ready should always be this fun.

5) THIS. Please forgive my tragic hair - I forgot what it's like to not have bone dry weather and spent all day touching it too much.


In process selfie... 

the goddess herself 
PERRIER PANTs, can you tell I love them. 

jujjing - after Jamie gave me some dry shampoo but right before the camera died so I didn't get any real pics of it LOL
Probably why my camera died, I was having too much fun with the mirrors.

Stay tuned... because I think I have pretty much talked her into some guest posts.