My adorable husband has been giving me the best compliments recently. "You look amazing, I can't tell if you're wearing makeup or not." "I know you don't feel good but you look like you feel god." "I love you for your mind but you look so pretty." Etc. Etc. Obviously I has to determine what the trend was. There is my new favorite mask . I've been super diligent about using my devices. There's this fun thing. But the truth is really blush. Cloud paint to be exact. After a week of using the ethereal Puff,  I decided it was time to crack open a new flavor. The winner, chosen by random selection (I legit stuck my hand in the basket I just got, and now use to store new products I want to try out) was Cloud Paint in Haze.

This one is definitely a crowd favorite (see comments above) because while it looks almost purple in the tube, it imparts an incredibly sexy flush - like all the blood just rushed to your face because a hot boy (yes husband that's you) just checked you out. Like you just drank a gallon of water and took a facial after the best spin class of your life. Like you've been in a hot tub sipping wine for an hour but remembered to properly moisturize first. Like you've been making out, hard. This is definitely the sexy one of the bunch. It looks intimidating because it should be used with extreme caution.

Anyways, I paired it with this cinnamon organic lip balm that is moisturizing, sweet tasting and plumping. Some brown brow tint. Some blurs.  There's a super quick video you can watch on how to apply haze (crescent moon, all the way up to the eyes, weird I know but it works!) I think I will just let these pictures do the rest of the talking for me.

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