I love me a fun mask. If it does something weird texture wise, I'm super down to try it. So when I heard about this all in one crazy detox potion I knew I had to try it out.

As promised I waited until I had used it twice, and done some high pressure skin situations, before weighing in on the effects of the mask. I am happy to report no new blemishes (always an accomplishment for me!) and a reduction in the size/marks of existing cysts since I started using it. My skin did feel clean after, but not squeaky clean (hate that! want always to be plump and dewy and moisturized!) After the stress of a move, inadequate cleansing, exposure to new water and world record stress levels, I was fully anticipating a massive break out. Consider me pleasantly surprised that it has not happened yet, and fully willing to accredit it to this weird combo. Also it is fun as heck - albeit super messy - which is why I look so naked in the video (I'm not! I'm wearing a towel!) Also, really take the time to apply a thick layer or it's impossible to get off (see, my forehead in the video)

Wow, that's a lot of punctuation...

Here's the video about my first use, I experimented with a little soundtrack - let me know what you think of that.

Overall - would recommend for people with not sensitive skin who worry about congestion but also aging/dryness. Also people who like weird textures and fancy science ingredients.

From their description:

Rich clay mousse draws our dirt and debris from pores to reduce the appearance of blackheads, then dries to a peel-off mask to lift away dead skin cells for smooth, radiant skin. Infused with skin optimizing Nia-114 + exfoliating fruit extracts to reset skin for the week ahead.

Available exclusively at Ulta