If I see one more post about how you need vintage levi's I will scream. You don't need the perfect pair of vintage Levi's - you need food, shelter, water, and love. But that said, they look damn cool. And when the cool, fashiony girls wear them they somehow become magically flattering, cupping the bum in Gigi-like perfection, a perfect ripe peach.

But of course, I tried. Six pairs scouted from vintage stores, ebay, and etsy. Three tailors in two major metropolitan areas. Nary a peachy bottom in sight. They made my naturally very long, slender legs look like bunchy tree trunks. My hard work lunging and squatting, hidden behind garbage bag gaping thick denim.

I was ready to give up. To concede defeat and spend the rest of my days relying on cool leggings to make myself look IDGAF cool.

Then I was stalking my favorite french journalist/model, who has the perfect pair of vintage levi's. Perfect. Perfect. One pair to end all pairs.

And one day I saw that she had tagged them. That perfect pair of jeans? Shop re/done.

Now I had also read the many articles about the elusive re/done jean. Crafted from dissembled and reconstructed vintage denim - in a way that took almost a year, and near certain failure to perfect. Somehow these people had solved, and then figured out how to mass produce, the elusive highly sought perfect vintage Levi's. It was like someone telling you they had figured out how to breed unicorns, at a cool co-op in Montana where supermodels hang out. And you being like, "Sure, they are unicorns that look great on supermodels, but they look great in everything. What about my gorgeous but non traditionally shaped ectomorph body?

They shot a campaign with Gigi when she "only" had 100K instagram followers... (skeptical face)

And of course, me not be willing to fork over the supermodel level price tag. But they give you 10% off if you sign up for the mailing list, and at some point you can only justify buying $20 jeans and paying $20 for tailoring so many times before you finally just cave and buy the expensive ones.

So I did. It took me about 3 months. Since each pair is different and unique, I would go on everyday and check inventory. I had a pinterest board of inspiration looking for exactly the color, wash,  pocket fraying, level of wholes, location of holes, acceptable dirtiness and other factors I can't even remember anymore. Which was insane and just ended up making me crazy.

I read and reread the return policy (it's good) and also the sizing guide (if you're in between sizes, size down - because they are supposed to be a little too tight when you first get them + wear them for a few hours and they "break in" which I was super skeptical of but has in fact happened)

So then I discovered I could let other people pick a pair for me (Revolve, Fwrd, Nordstrom) I decided on my style - high rise, skinny,  cropped - clicked and they came.

And then, I spent a week putting them on, wearing them around the house for 20 minutes, doing some lunges, waiting for the magic breaking in to happen, deciding I was scared to wear them out of the house, admiring how my tush looked in them, taking them off and putting back on leggings. Then one day I put them on and I pulled them up and I buttoned them and I was like, whoa. It happened. And now they are my favorite jeans and I'm pissed that it was 70 degrees this weekend because my legs need to breathe and I can't wear them.

I have paired them with my current favorite  Ruffled Blouse + Signet Ring , which I also got tailored (took in the sleeves - $10) and which I can't stop wearing because it's so thin and soft but still kind of covered up. Very prairie chic. Possibly the coolest outfit I own.