I don't think anybody expected anything but amazing from the launch of Glossier's first foray into blush, the playfully named "Cloud Paint" which was "inspired by NYC sunsets."  The question I've been getting is not "Dena, should I get this?" but "Which color should I pick???" Trust me, I feel you, which is why I got them all. For a limited time, you can buy two, use the code "2BLUSH" and get any two for $30 (normally $18 each) and free shipping (normally $35 minimum)

If that's not enough, the collection launched at the Oscars, on the faces of Chrissy, Taraji, Reese, Martha Hunt, and a few other name drop worth stars (read the full list and also their total looks, from their makeup artists on Into the Gloss!)

Since it's basically impossible to compete with that, I decided to just take some pictures of myself in each color after applying as directed - with fingertips, using only a tiny amount. What can I say? I look suddenly tan (I'm not!) flushed, pretty, and totally Puff. Whatever that means, it's good. Enjoy the photos, DM on insta if you have questions, and stay tuned for the other 3 next week.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff plus Haloscope in Moonstone,  and Boy Brow in Clear, all Glossier
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation + Photography Fluid
Reformation Ruffled Blouse + Signet Ring 
on lips: Leo, layered with Cherry Balm.com and extra Puff, also Glossier
on eyes: Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in PeachLiquid Liner, Mascara