Ok, so we've done Puff and Haze, is anybody shocked to discover that I am obsessed with beam and dusk, too? Nope. Didn't think so. I have a face made for blush. The thing about these two is that I like them OK alone, a little bit of dusk under the jawline gives the equivalent of a nuface treatment for lift, and beam on the balls of the cheeks is just sweet and healthy. But put them together and WOWOWOWWEEEWOW. It's magic.

So behold. I just got a new foundation, and also lip pencil called Pillow Talk ,and I of course used this tip for under the eyes which I am obsessed with. Paired with my favorite jeans, and my favorite basket/purse and  my shiny hair and my cool jeans .... and I am feeeelin myself.


Thus is the power of good blush. It's war paint for the amazonian warrier who's still lightly dizzy and nauseated from lack of oxygen in the air, but wants to make friends so badly she will drag her aching butt out of bed and try to shellac herself into feeling better. Those of you who saw my insta-story witnessed that I used basically one of everything in my extensive collection to fake this appearance of health. And it worked. And you know what, for awhile it made me feel better.

Take that people-who-don't-think-I'm-serious-when-I-say-I'm-a-witch.

Oh, and here's my link if you want to get some #badatthis www.glossier.com/reps/dena