The buzz on this product could not be hotter. Dry shampoo has been a staple for years now but with very little revolution in texture. To this point there were two choices: powder (messy, very visible on dark hair, leaves behind an undesirable texture and dulls shine) and spray (sticky, not as effective, stiffens hair) which left people satisfied enough but not with the kind of fervent loyalty I know that people have for say, their conditioner. This product is set to change all that - once people get over how weird it is in concept. Because yes it's a foam. It's wet. When you take a huge handful and apply it to your head it's scary. It's a dry shampoo that doesn't feel dry. It defies logic. But lo and behold, in slightly longer than you might expect, at that moment when you're about to give up and just go shower, it evaporates. Leaving behind only clean, soft, sweet smelling, beachy waved hair in it's place. Awesome for bangs, amazing for everywhere else, it somehow revitalized my hair style from three days ago before I started wearing it in a bun on the top of my head. It refreshed hair that hadn't been washed in five days but had been sweated on, hairsprayed, worn up, half up and half down, straightened, curled, and piled on my head. It's crazy good.

Before I brushed it out there was a little bit of a powder left behind (seen below) but once brushed it was just shiny hair.

Get your own before the anticipated sell out, and watch the video for the full experience.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam