I am having a perfect storm for my cystic acne - the stress of the upcoming inauguration and what that means for my healthcare, chemotherapy which causes a slight dip in my immune response, and all the wacky things they do to my hormones - mix together et voila... Cysts! Cysts everywhere! Big, painful, throbbing, impossible to cover up, and lasting forever.

This time, a special package arrived in the mail. A gift from Renee herself because she liked my Into the Gloss article.  If you follow my instagram stories than you know I basically ripped into it like a wolf and slathered it all over my chin. I also did two spot treatments, one for a little sucker on chin and another already popped on my cheek.

Unlike what I'm used to in detox masques (drying, messy, chalky, mud) this is a luxurious and decadent gold flecked gel that goes on with a light, refreshing feel. It seems to thicken as it dries to a tacky consistency, but never made my skin feel tight or dried out. It's luxe.

That was a week ago. This morning I went to my dermatologist for my 8 week check in. Him and the nurses were SHOCKED by how clear my skin was. They looked at it closely, felt it, and bestowed upon me a big smile and a "this looks amazing!"

I am a convert now. Thank you so much Renee, you are truly a hero for cystic sufferers everywhere.

Rapid Response Detox Masque