I am still a little bit laid up with a cold I picked up (wash your hands!!!) and so I decided to fill a tray with all my toys and give myself the ultimate home facial. From my bed I watch instastories where the celebs prepped using many of the same devices and treatments I had in my magic tray. I swear, seeing my dewy, depuffed face made me feel so much better. Possible cure for the common cold? Should we prepare a study? Anyways, here's the step by step of what I did, in what order. Plus some bonus after shots where I am still prone but looking all kinds of bouncy and supple and whatnot. 
  1. Wash with Milky Jelly
  2. 10 Minutes each Red + Blue with LED Mask
  3. Ziip + Gold Gel energize and lips program
  4. Nuface ELE Program
  5. Wash face again with Lagom Cleanser
  6. Prep for mask with P50, Mizon Water Essence, Glossier Mist, Hylamide SubQ, Super Pure, Super Bounce
  7. Apply Sheet Mask
  8. Finish with moisturizer, oil, and eye cream
  9. Scrub lips, apply lip mask 
Wearing: Bra | Pajamas | Pillowcase | Sheets