Some of you might remember a post I did last summer, wherein I confessed that I have worn antiperspirant or deodorant in 5 years.  For those of you who have not, a quick summary. Though no scientific evidence links the use of these products with causing breast cancer, they have been reliably linked to a recurrence of cancer in people who have had it. Plus, with my super sensitive skin it makes me break out in a rash. Now it might seem like this task is harder in summer (what with it being hot and all) but the hard truth is it's much harder in winter. You go from cold outside to hot inside, peeling off layers as fast as your neuropathic fingers will let you. Sweaters are especially challenging for avoiding sweating, which is not why they are named that but it should be.

That said, my parents are european and from them and just plain common sense, I have learned the ultimate hack. Perfume. Sprayed sparingly under the arms or directly onto the fabric. And of course, with sensitive skin the nicer the perfume the less likely I am to break out. My eczema is fancy.

Right now I'm wearing a delicious blend of my signature scent - Vanilla by Atelier Cologne which is a kind of spicy, earthy vanilla - and Maison Margiela's Jazz Club which smells like campfire smoke and expensive whiskey. Mixed together with a little Eu de Dena, this warm smell is all the good things about winter. I describe it as dirty, smokey vanilla.  I like it when my husband hugs me and then says, "mmmm, you smell good."

wearing this sweater