I am a member of a secret, selective online group of beauty obsessives like myself. We basically just chat about products all day long every day, what we love, what we didn't love, what we wish existed but doesn't yet. Discount codes, hacks, and informational selfies abound. It is heaven. So when one of them posted this insane photo of the perfect lashes - long, smooth, defined but somehow natural looking* - I immediately placed a sephora order.

There is an illusive middle ground in mascara that I find incredibly appealing. It's like "I'm so french I threw on some eyeliner in the back of an oooo-ber and here I am chic AF" Yes, you are wearing mascara but nobody is wondering if you have fake lashes on, if you have lash extensions, if you spent 15 minutes applying layer after layer till your lashes resemble fat, sultry caterpillars that crawled onto your eyes and nested. Don't get me wrong, I like that look also, but that one is easier to find. This enhanced but not too enhanced look is  much harder to achieve.

But of course it would be a french brand that did it, this whole concept is so "french girl beauty" I can't believe I didn't think to look there sooner.

The teeny tiny brush deposits a delicate layer of pigment onto lashes. You need at least two coats to get anything noticeable to anyone but you, but it is incredibly buildable. It's hard but not impossible to over apply, but that's not the look we want here. You need to give it a wiggle at the root (bonus sexy smudgy look) and you can't apply it without a mirror. It washes off super easily but smudges the perfect amount during the course of the night - even with all my misting, eye creams, and oils. It provides no curl, so I give myself a few pumps with a lash curler before wiggling those two coats on because I'm still an American girl after all.

Surratt Relevee Mascara