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For the cleansing and wind down:  

Shine a Light, Banners
You want to put some energy into that scrub but also start to sink into relaxation. I recommend starting with a mild cleanser, like Milky Jelly, to remove makeup/dirt/pollution, and following that a gentle manual exfoliation, like Boscia's exfoliating powder.

Mask application:

I was here, Beyonce
This power ballad is perfect for that moment when you are lovingly smearing the luxurious cream onto your skin. If you have a hard time with things like self care and setting intentions, just listen to the words in this song. Channel the energy of that iconic voice and her powerful words into the application. Right now my favorite mask is the Caudelie 10 minute mask, followed by either a sheet mask or a multi mask.

Letting the mask do it's work - relax, unwind, and sink in to the healing:

We Belong, RAC Odesza Remix
This is what I wish all spa music sounded like. It's got the soothing tones, the joyful bells, the sweet voice with the trembling warble, the almost tribal clapping beat, an almost aquiline quality that makes me think of those little fountains they have in spa rooms. It even has a positive affirmation chant built in. Sing along: "We belong to where we're going."

Intoxicated, Ashley Dubose
Sink into the dulcet tones of her syrupy voice, paired with the sweet sound of a whistle and the pure tones of an acoustic guitar. Feel the stress of the world melt. I swear this song makes me feel pretty similar to the effects of a good glass of wine.

Pillowtalk, Ben Schuller
Full disclosure, I have an entire playlist that is just covers of this song. I love me some Zayn Malik, but this song slowed down, minus the synth, is like a slice of chocolate cake. A little too rich, in a good way. This version, with just Ben's sexy sexy voice, and the simple piano accompaniment is paradise (but not a war zone.)

We Belong, Pat Benatar
I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain why this song is everything. Benatars voice is ear candy, the guitar, the sweet and soothing synth which reminds me of those finger gourd instruments. The angelic cooing of the backup singers. "We belong to light, we belong to the thunder."

All We Know, Chainsmokers
"Maybe we should let this go..."gasped in a breathy voice, a dramatic crescendo into joyful dance music, and back to each other, to start the process of the rejuvenating portion. This is a great time to let go of any black thoughts that might be clouding your energy.

Right Place, Right Time, BOA
I love a joyful, almost tropical beat, but this one is infused with these soothing sighs in the background that actually remind me of traditional spa music (listen for it and suddenly it's all you can hear - the oooooo, ahhhh, shhhhh)

Treat You Better, Shawn Mendes
I like to pretend this song is about my relationship with myself, but I have also become obsessed with this guy since seeing him on SNL. Imagine the two wolves that live inside of you - one is fear and doubt and nitpicking, and the other is joy, celebration and love. Shawn is the good wolf. Why are we wasting time, and wasting crying? Amen, Shawn.

The rinse off:

Come a Little Bit Closer,  Jay & The Americans
It can be hard to leave the cloud of self love and relaxation, but I like to end my facials with some rejoicing. I dare you to listen to this song and not dance. Oh, horns. The joyful whooping. The cheesy lyrics. The cowbell.