First off, I'm pretty sure I decided to like respond to ITG's amazing holiday series with my own look, because I am so so inspired by them. I put this makeup on and pranced around the house drinking La Croix from a champagne glass. By the time I actually started my little holiday party with sexy husband to decorate for xmas, I was already back in leggings. Sigh.

That said, this look actually took me about 10 minutes, total. That's five minutes to do the base (which is what I shot for my morning after tiny purse/brunching at home post coming soon) and then adding in some brows, a quick liner flip, and a dramatic red lip.

Now, don't ask me how I got my hair like this - I literally have no idea. My friend Beth calls it hair karma, and that is the best explanation I have to work with. Here's what I actually did:

 I washed it with the Ouai Shampoo in Volume, then threw on some of the treatment masque. When I got out I wrapped it in this special towel.  I went to bed and woke up with hair like this. I think I brushed it once, but it just bounced right back. I think this is day 3? But maybe it's 4. I am disgusting.

After that I did my skin prep, and then decided to challenge myself to only do my makeup with the things I had packed into a tiny purse for a night out a while ago. Could I pull it off? It was like a morning after look from when I was single, except I am married now and he knows what I look like without makeup on for reals.

So on went the simple base: concealer (eyes) and concealer (acne) followed by some HA Blur  around the nose and photography fluid everywhere else. A swipe of haloscope in moonstone on the cheekbones, boy brow in black on the eyebrows and lower lashes, curling mascara on the lashes, and Gen G in Cake on lips and cheeks. I shot the other look over brunch, which was an amazing egg sandwich my hot husband made for me.

Then I realized I wanted something more fun to go with the fun outfit in my head, and I decided to channel this 90s Snow White vibe.

With that in mind, on top of the previous makeup I added the following:

Foundation all over, blended with the beauty blender and some mist
Haloscope in Quartz on nose and upper cheekbones
Haloscope in Topaz under cheekbones
Lip Liner (well, Nars Velvet Matte in Red Square used as lipliner)
Gen G in Zip on lips (and blot like crazy) and also cheeks, very high on the cheekbone
Eyebrow Pencil

I'm pretty sure all of this cannot fit in the tiny purse, but I was also proud of myself for how fast this went on. Now granted, I was blessed by the wing fairy today and got mad flick game, but still. Red lips are so easy, and they look so fancy. Like, instant holiday cheer. Also, I kept drinking out of the glass and realized it was not coming off at all. Look at this. How awesome is that?

Dress (only $20!!!)  | Shirt