When it comes to holiday dressing, I like to bring my own kind of heat. The sexy sexy kind of heat. J/K not really. The truth is I abhor anything lacy, itchy, wool, sequins (oh the marks, the rashes that last for weeks!) I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes. I need to be able to dance. These are the things I typically look for in party outfits. This year I also had another requirement - packable. My plan was to pack as much versatility into my outfits as possible. Ten days, countless events, and one amazing rollerball.

The inspiration for the following looks came from these pragmatic sources, and also my complete obsession with Pia Robbio, creater of the label LPA (from whence this leopard silk dress came) who in the linked article wears her own dress as a cape. Also from my friend Mimi who sent me on a quest to find this epic look,  not realizing it would consume me and I would eventually make it my own.

The bustier dress is from The Real Real, but it was new with tags and is currently available in stores. Nobody does bustier dresses like Alexander Wang, but you can definitely find a ton in the second hand world.

Look 1 is just the dress, in all it's silky leopardy glory. It's got some amazing details that make it special, like how it's the perfect flattering shade of bronze, the silkyswoosh of the fabric, and of course, the built in choker. I love the extra long bell sleeves.

Look 2 is the same dress but worn open as a cape. The collar is still intact, and there was complicated wizardry to get the thing in place.

Now I need your help. I tried these on because I was packing. The party is tomorrow night. Which one, dear readers, should I wear??