I'm so over the whole no-makeup makeup thing, which is not to say I'm over a natural looking face. What kills me is this idea that beauty is just this effortless thing that you have or do not have. Like there is shame in trying or putting a little effort into your look. I think not, and with that in mind I had the hardest time titling this post.

Tiny purse potential sleepover makeup? Woke up next to your husband who already knows what you really look like when you woke up but you still feel like putting on a little polish for your pajama brunch? At the end of the day, even though I am old married woman, morning after makeup just worked. Even if it was the morning after a 9pm bedtime, in a bed with two puppies and both your laptops. J/K not really.

So here's what I had to work with in my tiny purse from a previous night out, two kinds of concealer (concealer for eyes and concealer for acne spotsfollowed by some HA Blur around the nose and photography fluid everywhere else. I'm obsessed with both of these products because in addition to making my skin look freaking epic, they also do an amazing job of keeping me dewy in frigid mars-like Chicago, and the photography fluid is oil free. A swipe of haloscope in moonstone on the cheekbones and on the tip of my nose, and Gen G in Cake on lips and cheeks, all smudged in with my fingers. Then it's a curling mascara, which doubles for a lash curler, and which I always buy in travel sizes so I can throw them away every two months for hygiene.  

All in it took about 5 minutes, including frequent puppy interruptions. I feel like my adorableness was the root cause of the amazing breakfast sandos my hubby made, and afterwards in my head to toe cashmere we had a snuggle party with the puppies of truly epic proportions. PERFECT DAY. 

Wearing the Everlane $100 Cashmere Sweater (Men's XL, we share) and cashmere joggers from the Nadaam sample sale which puts all other cashmere to shame.