It was awesome. As if we needed proof that with access to enough funds and a reasonable pain tolerance your skin could be the skin of your dreams. And the willingness to trust the polish goddesses at the medspa you found with a groupon, let's not forget their role in all of this.

So here's how it happened. I realized I was getting those headaches I get from squinting at computers when my forehead botox runs out/. I went into the groupon app and found the cheapest one I could find in an area I was willing to walk to (have to factor in transpo costs to total price, right?) I decided to go in on Friday, which was the soonest they could take me.

Little did I know it was Black Friday. Dum dum dummmmm. Who even knew medspas did black friday? Well I walked out having banked a whole bunch of things, non the least of which was a set of 6 IPL facials. How did they talk me into this? Well, as I was waiting for the poor overworked nurse (the specials were so good everyone was taking them, like $6/unit for botox, $275 for filler, $50 an IPL...) the goddess that is Monica offered to have the nurse zap some of my chin zits. Just to see.

I agreed, more out of curious than anything else, and before I knew it she had in fact "zapped" my chin, and also done a quick sweep of the orange peel pores by my nose.

I left feeling a little glowing but not really with any expectations. I bought the IPLS, mostly because I liked how they immediately made those bugger cysts feel dried out and smaller and less throbby. Then when I got home I looked in the mirror.


The pores around my nose were gone. GONE. Where did they go?

Needless to say I've been hooked. She talked me into going every week (the internet will tell you 2 but I spoke to a rep who said it was OK) I have now had 6 sessions and my normally pretty stellar skin has shot into unknown territory. It was never. This good.

People say "I just feel like I look younger but I can't put my finger on why." And I would have to agree. My skin is plump (the IPL boosts collagen) but also smoother, more even toned and poreless. The above picture I am basically just wearing a few dots of concealer and some "photography fluid." In this picture below I am wearing the same but also lying down (oh gravity.)

SO what're the downsides? Price, obviously. At $50 a session it's a bummer but they can run up to $175 and with the risks of burns you don't want to cheap out if you can't find a place you trust. Pain - it feels like all lasers, with that "snap and burn". I have a crazy tolerance for pain but it was definitely not pleasant, and afterwards felt like a mild sunburn.

Will I keep up my treatments? Hell yeah. They recommend an initial series of 6-8. followed by touchups. So. worth. it.