Now, as you know I am am obsessed with the Glossier highlighter in Haloscope, and can be found at any given moment in time sporting anywhere between two and three of them depending on my mood, other makeup and activity of the day. However, I was not shocked to learn that some people aren't as OMG obsessed with it as I am - I realized that there is an insider tip that makes all the difference. With that in mind I decided to compile a quick list of the best ways to apply it, how to blend it in (so it doesn't sit on top of other makeup or "pill") and other "secrets" I have learned in my obsessive usage of these sticks. I swear I don't just love them because they are made with real crystal.

1) Apply them higher than you think. This is in face true of all blush but about 6 months ago I saw a video interview with a famous makeup artist and she said this, and I tried it, and I was converted. Place your fingers on your cheekbone and then apply it above that, then blend upward. I know it seems extreme but trust me, it will open up your whole face and make you look lit by candlelight.

2) After you swoop it on, tap it in gently with your fingertips to "melt" the highlighter in. This is a special form of blending for any kind of thick, pigmented, oil based product. It should not be applied with a brush, because it needs the heat from your fingers to soften it into your skin and leave the right amount behind. No pilling I promise!

3) Highlighter goes very first or very last (or both). If you put it on before foundation as a primer expect to get a diffuse shine everywhere and use your fingers to just smoosh it all together. It will give you a nice radiant glow. Then apply bronzer or blush. Then do a thick, concentrated swipe and tap it in with the heat of your fingers.