The thing about certain looks is that a) they scream holiday season b) they tend to involve various levels of investment in products that wont get tons of wear outside the holiday season. The result of the aforementioned combo is that I feel like you don't get the cost per wear that these kinds of investment that these kind of looks deserve. You can go one way, which is to stick to getting your "fancy" looks from CVS.  But what if you just can't live without that perfect shade and density of sparkling pigment that only the $65 Limited Edition Set from Pat McGrath can give you? So you say "THIS WILL BE MY HOLIDAY LOOK!" and you dig in your heels.

And then right around now, wearing the exact same makeup look (despite the variations in the line) starts to feel tired and well, boring.

Festive makeup is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BORING.

So what do you do? Buy more things with an expiration date of two weeks from now?


You say eff off to the rule that you can't do eyes and lips, and you do both. And this becomes extra awesome because then you can stay in the same pink turtleneck and jeans you've been wearing all day, but throw on a fur and suddenly look fancy as hell. Because really this look (just the eyes) and this look (red lips) is totally different than when you wear the BOTH together. Right? Just nod you head.

Metamorphosis 005 in Bronze
Glossier Haloscope
Precision Eyeliner Brush ($5!!)
photography foundation in golden tan
Foundation all over, blended with the beauty blender and some mist
Haloscope in Quartz on nose and upper cheekbones
Haloscope in Topaz under cheekbones
Lip Liner (well, Nars Velvet Matte in Red Square used as lipliner)
Gen G in Zip on lips (and blot like crazy) and also cheeks, very high on the cheekbone
Eyebrow Pencil