1. I will only buy tiny travel sized bottles of mascara so I can be hygienic and throw them away every 2-3 months.

2. I will not do more than 4 masks a week to avoid irritating my skin.

3. I will wash my face every morning and night.

4. I will shower at least once every two days, even if it's just to rinse off, and not just give myself a whore's bath.

5. I will wash my hands for the full happy birthday song because I will have hand cream in every bag (dry hand feeling being the number one reason I don't do this.)

6. No picking. Period.

7. No nitpicking. I will find nice things to say about myself when I look in the mirror.

8. Stop letting puppies sleep on face, unless it's right after bathing them.

9. Wash pillowcases every two days. (ok, maybe once a week, that recommendation seems crazy to me.)

10. Make-out with husband as often as possible so as to feel extremely beautiful at all times.