Himalayan Salt Lamp

I just got a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Whole Foods a few days ago. I got it because we blew a fuse while cooking and didn't want to bother the maintenance staff in the middle of the night before thanksgiving. The plugs were working. The overhead lights were not. So when I saw a cute, crystal** looking lamp for under $20, I thought why not. I was purely motivated by aesthetics.

Then, as I was reading the instructions I stumbled upon the list of benefits of salt lamps (and the interesting science behind it) and I become even more intrigued. Could this really help with my SAD (seasonal affected disorder) or with the coughing/runny noses that had plagued our entire household since the weather turned overnight from 60s to 30s.

I plugged it in. I crossed my fingers. That night, not a single dog or human awoke with their sinuses. Heaven. 

Since then I have been alternately trying to stop my profound and deep held hoarding instincts (an apartment our size only really needs one!) and telling everyone I know that they need one.

How have I not known about this sooner?

So back to the science behind. The salt is heated up by the bulb inside. The salt attracts moisture (this we know because eating it makes us bloated and it's the thing to do when you spill red wine on someone to get the stain out instead of pushing it deeper into the fabric!) Along with the moisture it brings along the common irritants like pollen, mold, dust, smoke, smog, bad spirits, nightmares of ex-boyfriends past and germs. Then the heat from the bulb dispels the moisture out into the air again, but all the bad stuff in the air is trapped in the salt crystal. BOOM. Science magic.

There's also some voodoo hippy stuff about deionizing the air, and other things I didn't understand (this does a decent job of explainging it but the source is dubious) but also gives off a pleasant, warm, natural glow that is supposed to help with SAD. We shall see.

Either way I am into it, and it really does look chic and adorable. I have placed it next to my humidifier (because those things potentially gross me out a lot) in hopes they will counter each other it.

Feelings wise my nasal passages, skin, and soul feel less freeze-dried strawberry and more pudding.

** I LOVE crystals - see soap and haloscope