Before all the good stuff gets picked over (or hidden away) for Black Friday, Urban Outfitters is holding a special "members only" 20% off sale to drive uploads of their loyalty app. Download the app and you'll get 20% off the entire store - including beauty! Since they actually stock a primo list of some of my favorite brands like Mario Badescu, Hyalamide, and Gourmand I had to had over and stock up. Beauty discounts are rare and not to be taken for granted.

Here are my top picks:

Gourmand Hand Cream $8
As if the yummy smells weren't good enough, this super rich cream is also fast absorbing, and comes in an adorable, purse-perfect tube. Makes an awesome stocking stuffer/8th night of Hannukah gift.

 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17
(Not pictured) It's the original sulfur sediment in a liquid base drying drop and it still one of the best (and most affordable) options on the market.

Niod Photography Fluid $30 & Hylamide Photography Foundation in Golden Tan $21 & HA Blur Finisher $19

You've probably seen these pore-vanishing, glow inducing, glazed and delicious primers popping up all over my makeup tutorials (like in my Golden Glowing 3 Steps article , Natural Glowing Dewy article and/or matching video) and while they look amazing in photos (hello holiday party papparazzi) they actually look even better in person. Plus they are oil-free, awesome for sensitive skin, and also have adorable packaging.

Aquis Essentials Hair Towel $30
This fancy, soft turbee towel receives insanely good reviews for decreasing drying time and reducing frizz (it doesn't rough of the cuticle like normal towels!) It's also cuter than the turbee towel, and significantly more luxurious feeling. ITG may rave about the infomercial favorite, but they couldn't even post a picture of it because it would be so off brand. Consider this is the luscious, luxuriou, and significantly cuter giftable version.  You can gift yourself one, too.


These Sunglasses (original blog posts here, and here)  because they are 20% off and not sold out