I hate it when I give into the churning machine of consumerism that's like "Here's something new to be worried about! Buy more things!" but at the same time I was becoming aware of a situation happening on my neck.

There was a deep line there - so deep it was catching crumbs when I ate lying down. I read all the magazines, I know what it is. Texting neck, aka a deep groove in the neck from always looking down at our phones. Unlike smile lines (signs of a happy full life) these are indicators that we are not spending enough time looking up and around us. It was one line I could potentially do without.

More strongly, and more vehemently I did not want to buy a new cream. A special "neck cream", ugh. Stop making me buy new things? Ammi right. Especially since I have a lot of great things. In fact, I probably I have something already that can fix this. Just lying around the house already.

So I set to experimenting, and I discovered this routine. It's awesome. My neck is looking smoother, tighter and less texty every day.

Here's what I do:

1. Nuface my neck: After doing my whole face, I add the conducting gel (in my case organic aloe or rose gel) and then I apply three sets of upward strokes from the collarbone to the chin. Then I do a 2-3 beeps along the texting line working my way from one side the other.  The home microcurrent device is amazing.  I hear Emily Weiss of IntotheGloss & Glossier loves hers.

2. Apply the Hand Chemistry cream  on neck and chest (that's the same one I rave about here)

3. Extend my routine down. Whatever I put on my face (be it oil, anti-aging serum, vitamin C or whatever) also goes down my neck and onto my chest. They call this the "french facial" and I love it. More things to pamper!

That's it! I few extra steps (and trying to look up instead of down) and I can already see the problem floating away...