I've been a big fan if P&L for awhile - they single handedly brought me the joy and wonder of Korean skincare, and taught me so much about my skin and how to treat it - so when they asked if I wanted to try their sheet masks I was over the moon. They spent over a year developing everything from the serum formulas to the sheet mask materials to ensure the ultimate sheet masking experience.

First, some thoughts on the mask. It's thin and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear, but comes smartly packed so that you don't tear it to pieces trying to unfold it. It's got a more adjustable fit, it managed to provide ample coverage on my entire face without making my roots greasy or getting in my eyes. In terms of sheet masks I never really thought about how important the actual sheet is, but having it pointed out to me and noticing the difference I've realized I have a strong preference for thin, silky masks that don't dry out but also don't drip everywhere. Part of the experience is the pleasure of application and the self-care, and a subpar sheet can really take away from that.

Next on the list after feel has got to be the overall experience. Smell is important. In this case the smell is natural, pleasant and slightly herbal. It definitely doesn't have that chemically under note which can be a little disconcerting. It makes sense because there are no scary chemicals in it.

After that it's all about ingredients. I like to recognize and understand what kind of stuff I'm putting on my face. I'm a big fan of chemistry, but it's also nice to have ingredients that have stood the test of time. Things like flower essences and herbs that my grandmother might recognize. Women in my family are big on skincare.

The "super skin ingredient list" on this mask reads like a high end tea sachet.  Since the Reset Button mask is designed to calm skin and provide soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits plus hydration and healing, it's great to see some of the hero ingredients I already use in my favorite products.

Here's a full list and what they claim to do:
Lavender extract – a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal, lavender helps keep skin troubles at bay. 
As an anti-inflammatory, irritated angry skin is calmed down.
Propolis – a non-comedogenic anti-inflammatory ingredient – known as nature’s antibiotic – is beneficial for acne-prone skin.
Chamomile extract – this power ingredient calms down inflamed skin, is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredient to help keep bacteria at bay (read: acne), fights off free radical damage, and soothes damaged and angry skin effectively.
Licorice extract – acts as a powerful natural agent to restore skin and calm it down so that you can start fresh again.
Calendula extract – soothes and restores skin at once; helps heal and strengthen thin skin promoting calmer, stronger and more radiant skin.
Centella Asiatica – a beloved ingredient in Asia for its ability to heal damaged tissues (think: sun damage, laser peels-aftermath, scarring).
Skullcap Root – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin brightening agent. This combination helps skin effectively combat signs of aging.
Bergamot – a natural anti-fungal, this natural ingredient helps keep skin pure.
Peppermint extract – helps soothe skin (peppermint oil is known to help alleviate itchy skin).
Rosemary extract – stimulates skin renewal and deeply hydrates skin.
Freesia extract – packed with antioxidants to help prevent damage to skin, and a natural anti-inflammatory calming skin down.
Aloe – hydrates skin and helps soothe and repair damage.
Tremella Mushroom – deeply hydrates skin and visibly restores and plumps it up.
Rosewater – soothes sensitive skin while hydrating and providing anti-aging benefits.

Last, but probably not least, I love the cute, somewhat minimalist packaging. I'm such a sucker for packaging. 

But of course none of this matters if it doesn't work. I used the mask in the morning, after following my usual routine (LED light, nuface, wash, Glossier super pure, hyalamide subq anti-age) and then followed it up with my moisturizer, blemish remedy concealer, and oil-free foundation. By the evening when I went to wash my make-up off I noticed my skin was looking noticeably calmer, some red acne marks on my chin were noticeably faded, my pores were tight, and a big angry zit on my cheek which I picked at was flattened out. In terms of noticeable and fast results I was blown away. 

Get your own from Peach + Lily, I know I'll be stocking up for the holiday stress season. 

RESET BUTTON SHEET MASK ($10 off your first P+L purchase) or if you just want a few get free shipping from Macy's 
Stay tuned for reviews of the other two masks, coming soon! 

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