I've been a big fan of Everlane's elevated basics for a while now, so when my favorite puffy coat split at the seam and started shedding feathers it seemed ridiculously prescient that they released these coats 4 days later. 

I quickly ordered - even springing for the expedited shipping - because my puffer is just an essential wardrobe staple for me. I use it for going to and from workouts - it's perfect with leggings - but also as a layering piece under my cuter, less functional coats.  There's a reason I go through them about every two seasons. I love them to death.

My expectations were pretty high - Everlane does classics really well - but I knew from past experience with the bomber and the trench that their outerwear runs small, so I promptly ordered a small black puffer.

You may notice that my puffer is navy.

A mailroom mixup means that the navy puffer came into my life instead of the black. They offered to express ship me a new one, cover the cost of the returns and a whole bunch of other things (over Facebook messenger, A++ customer service guys) but I liked the navy and I needed the coat and so I kept it. 

It's uber soft, which is partly why I love me a good puffer. Give me that I'm still in bed feeling or lose me forever. It has to feel good. It also needs a sleek-ish silhouette (let's be honest, it is a puffer)  both for the look and for the layering. I have to admit, I am seriously digging the matte finish, it is so chic. Plus my sparkly puffy quotient is filled. The zipper is easy to use and the extra wide snap buttons have a nice matte look, and our easy for me to close.  Also, they look sleek with their matte caps in lieu of yucky silver metal snaps (which I think can look a little cheap, love OCD.) 

Best of all, it is very very warm. It has primaloft - which my husband tells me is used in high end sleeping bags. All I know is I've worn it in the temperature range of 61 to 42 degrees so far (the latter with a thin cotton sweater) and been the perfect temperature. 

I also like the way they did the collar. It's super sleek but also makes the jacket really nice for layering, and has a nice comfortable fit against the neck. It also looks very cool with a turtleneck. 

Overall, I would strongly recommend (in fact seriously considering another one in black IDK is that insane?)