Yes, this Friday, the entire Glossier website will be 20% off. If you can make it on before everyone goes completely insane and everything sells out might I recommend a new usage for the beloved Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Here's what happened. My darling baby has developed a new fun habit of sleeping on my face. She's basically a dog version of a swiffer so this is gross. We bathe her once a weekish, when her hair starts to get clumpy and tangled and turns from white to beige. She also starts to itch herself aggressively, like wake me up in the middle of the night thumping. I tried some fancy, expensive things. They worked alright. I tried some organic, from the apothecary things - they made my face breakout and get itchy.

Finally, I did a deep dive into all the animal and dog websites I could find looking to see if any of my already sensitive skin approved soaps contained ingredients that would be safe to use on her. After weeks of research, I determined that the ingredients in Glossier Milky Jelly were not only safe, but widely recommended across various vet and natural dog websites.

So, after assuring myself this was not animal cruelty, I decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and bathe her in Milky Jelly.

It. Was. Amazing.

She loved it.

Her coat was smooth and clean and soft and fluffy and shiny and white. Not only that, but so far it's lasted way longer than her other soaps. She's still clean and fluffy five days later, which is usually when she starts to gross me out with her beige color and kind of oily/dirty/beigeness, and I have to hold myself back on washing her because over washing is bad for her skin.

Obviously this is insane, and if your cheap dog shampoo is working for you disregard this email. But if you're little monster is having similar issues, and is a tiny dog who needs like a capful of soap for 3 weeks, then this is worth checking out.

Plus, it will be 20% off.
Stock up before it sells out!

Glossier Milky Jelly