If you want a present that doesn't need to be wrapped, filled with cool girl beauty staples - look no further. Glossier's Black Tie set includes 4 exclusive** products: Glossier pink polish, graphite eyeliner, Haloscope in Moonstone (made with real moonstone) and a clear gloss with the lightest tint of pink. Complete the perfect pink package with Peach & Lily's new sheet masks. The adorable pink packaging holds three sheet masks perfect for pre/post party prep: Good Skin Day to drench + nourish, Chubby Cheeks to lift + plump, and Reset Button to soothe and restore post party skin (so you can be ready for the next one.)

I'll be honest I haven't even opened them yet (I'm saving them for a special occasion!) but the packaging is so cute and on point. I just trust these brands. They have earned my trust. Plus, in the land of being superficial about how products look and wanting things that work - these people have proven their metal. Plus, I've done a deep dive on the ingredients and they are so on point.

I feel like a hoarder who's scared to open them and use them. I will get over it. Until then, I'll just be freaking out over how adorable they look all nestled together with my fancy purse.

Don't worry, I'll be posting back here soon with a video and a full review. Hopefully before they sell out.

Glossier Black Tie Set plus 20% off your first purchase | Peach & Lily Sheet Mask Set plus 10 off your first purchase(available on November 11) |  Pop & Suki Purse & Key Chain

**And yes, exclusive - the products in the glossier set can only be bought in the set and only through the new year.