But you still want smooth, fast drying hair... Why not try this plush, soft, super-fast absorbing towel instead. The fibers are designed to be extra gentle on wet hair, which is fragile and more likely to break. It doesn't rough up the cuticle like a traditional towel (read: less frizz) and it's perfectly designed to create a comfortable wrap. It's like the turbie towel's chic big sister.

After washing my hair I threw it up in the towel and then did a mask and make-up. I took it down when it was mostly dry, threw a hat on it (it's cold!) and an hour later I had silky smooth, frizz-free hair with waves. It's basically the solution to "it's too cold to walk around with wet hair but I'm too lazy to blow dry." Since it's the giving season I feel like I should mention this also makes a great, practical gift or white elephant or stocking stuffer if you fancy.

Aquis Essentials Hair Towel $30