I never really thought about my hands until one day I looked at them in a picture and thought "whoa, this skin looks sad compared to my other skin." Hands do so much for us - the least we can do is care for them in turn. With that in mind for months I have been testing hand lotions - using my typical process of rigorous self experimentation - but only getting meh results. Definitely nothing worthy of a blog post.

Then, suddenly, as if by magic, two different products came to my attention at the same time. Both came highly recommended and promised results in 7 - 11 days. What choice did I have but to put them to this test.

All I can say is whoa.

Well, I can say more. My hands are not only soft and supple, they are also smoother - with less lines, age spots, and an overall plumper youthful appearance. My nails (rendered thin, peeling, vulnerable and overall lackluster) are noticeably thicker and stronger.

I've only been using this stuff for a week.

Here's what you do:

Apply the The Hand Chemistry cream (which smells amazing - kind of fruity but not overly sweet) in the morning and at night. Apply the Gena Healthy Hoof Cream just to the nails right after.

Puppy snuggles are optional but strongly encouraged. PS: It is hard to be a hand model.

Follow this regimen and you'll have baby soft, visibly younger hands in a week, which is ridiculous because what ever delivers results that fast? Obviously the puppy loves the smell of the lotion but she's also featured in the picture to evoke youth.

As for the awesome knit sweatpants they are maybe 4 years old and rescued from the sale rack at Gap Body. I wish I could find something similar (cotton, not cashmere or wool, see previous post)  so hit me up if you have any good leads.