I love this shirt. It's from Shop Two Songs, brainchild of one of my favorite bloggers, Aimee Song of Song of Style,  and her sister Dani, a fashion maven in her own right. The pink version of this shirt (which has been sold out forever) donated 50% of proceeds to breast cancer research.

Here's what I love about this shirt.

It's soft. It's got a super flattering cut. It's chic and tongue-in-cheek. It is completely devoid of any swirls, paisley, comic sans font, the word survivor, gigantic pink ribbons, and other well meaning but aesthetically displeasing symbols of the breast cancer awareness movement. It benefited research, not awareness - which is very important to me because I think there's a disproportionate amount of funding dedicated to making people aware they need mammograms, and not enough spent on finding a cure for the disease that will eventually kill me.

Most of all - it's beautiful. I feel beautiful with those flowers on my chest. This place in my body that is a source of so much fear, pain, anguish, has been turned into something beautiful. It's so simple and meaningful. It's like the hippy who put the daisy in the gun during the anti-Vietnam  war movement.

Women's health issues are just one of the sources of the wave of fear and anguish sweeping through our nation right now in the wake of election losses. Many people feel powerless, something I am much too familiar with after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

And yet, within all of that there is a spark of beauty. Watching people mobilize, band together, support each other, take action via donations to support imperiled agencies, start educating themselves on how the government works and how they can protect themselves and their rights.

Our country is sick. There is a cancer - one which has been growing and spreading for longer than I think any of us want to admit. There will be pain, there will be hard battles fought, we will walk away with scars. There is also a beauty in the way that people have been galvanized, in how we will fight the battles that need to be fought. In what will come after all of this.

I have to believe that there is a beauty that will be born from this fear. Now excuse me while I go make a donation to one of these organizations.

  • Planned ParenthoodGive women the opportunities for proper healthcare, education, and activism.
  • The Future ProjectHelp the young people of America fulfill their potential.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceHelp stop domestic violence. 
  • RAINNAssist the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network in combating sexual violence, aiding victims, and ensuring that perpetrators are caught.
  • ACLUUphold the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all by the Constitution and the laws of the United States.
  • Friends of the Earth: Contribute to international network of environmental groups. They’ve already vowed to fight the threat Trump poses to the environment.
  • Border AngelsAdvocate for immigration reform and social justice specifically regarding the U.S.-Mexico border. . 
  • NextGen Climate ActionVolunteer with this group that works to flight climate change through political action.