In a week it will be dark at like, 4pm. I will probably look back at today's 40 degree temps with the lustful ardor of an scorned lover.

Winter is coming is a perennial theme in our house. I have prepared for the onslaught of dropping temps like a general preparing for battle. I have a coat that's bigger than I am, boots filled with down and fleece and then encased in waterproof, probably bulletproof rubber. I have extra blankets in the closet. I have a hidden stash of,  lano multipurpose super balm, hydrating mists stashed in every corner of the apartment. I have gloves, a "real hat" lined with fleece. I have plans to acquire pallets of Stagg Chili and other supplies should we be stuck in our apartment. My dogs have coats. I have a scary light therapy mask (some of you may recognize it from my IG stories) that is also anti-bacterial and promotes collagen growth.  I have a sexy ass man to keep me warm.

If ever there was a person who is prepared for cold weather it is I. But am I ready? I have inside of me the stubborn desire to prove all the people wrong who think I can't "survive" winter. I "survived" cancer, I'm pretty sure I can handle cold.  Just in case, I decided to make a list of things I am excited about winter to help me ground myself in gratitude.

1) My pedicures last forever. Such irony that when you're basically the only person who sees your feet - they hold up so well.

2) I have a good excuse to not leave the house and lie in a pile of puppies and watch garbage TV. Not that I need a good excuse to do that but it's nice to have one.

3) Winter food is delicious. It's toasted bread and roasted root vegetables. Juicy meats in delicious sauces, sugared fruit sauces, creamy soups. It's stick to your ribs food.

4) The gym empties out and it becomes my personal playground. I don't know why other people don't like the gym in winter, but for me it's like I get to be warm and sweaty and wear tank tops and it's awesome.

5) Nobody looks at me sideways for the frequent application of balms and lotions.

6) Winter candles smell the best. The best.

7) TV is better. Have you watched Westworld? OMG. This is Us. Younger. New episodes of Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU. I could go on and on.

8) Bourbon.

9) Slippers. Lined with fur. 

10) Proving to the haters that you can literally survive anything.

Take that uber driver.

LIPS: Cake with a Hint of Jam | Camel coat | Coated Jeans | Sweater | Scarf | Sneakers | Sunglasses