I like to workout. I feel best about myself after 45-60 minutes of "I might barf, I'm so sweaty" level working out. I like to follow this up with brunch. Perfect day. 

So besides a fresh top and bra (the bra is KEY, nobody wants to put a clean shirt on over a sweaty sports bra!) there's also a handy grab and go bag of adorable mini bottles that I keep with me for post-workout touch ups. It lives in a Glossier bubble bag, which means I can move it from bag to purse to duffel to carry-on with ease. The bottles are also tiny and adorable, which means seeing them in my bag brings me joy. Behold, a look at what I keep stocked in the little pink bubble bag that goes with me to the gym.

1. Wipes
I believe strongly that sweat must be immediately removed from my face after completion of workout. I also believe working out in makeup makes me break out. Wipes are a very convenient way to get things off in a semi-public crowded locker hallway, with no sink required. I love the adorable packaging and smell of these ones by Too Cool for School, which are soaked in a cleansing solution that’s infused with nutrient-rich carrot water that contains beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

2. Dry Shampoo
This one by the Ouai smells so good it doubles as perfume. I spray it on the roots before I workout to soak up sweat. Afterwards I let it dry completely before taking it down, (this is so important!) then if it needs I'll spray it again and blow out the powder with a drier. You can also brush it out, what's important is to somehow manually remove the shampoo and whatever gunk it's soaked up! 

3.  Razor
How cute is this disposable razor handle from yorz that my fellow blogger sent me? Not only does it turn those pink lady bics into something this fumbly handed klutz can use without slicing myself to ribbons, it also has anti-bacterial properties because of the convenient hook. It's so much cleaner if you don't have to set it down in yucky shared showers. I will also use the razor to exfoliate in a pinch (scary but no, it does not make your hair grow back thicker!) if I have a flaky spot on my face so I want it to be clean as whistle. 

4.  Essential Skincare
I love Glossier's Super Pure serum because the niacinamide actually helps reduce post workout flush and inflammation (as well as fighting post-sweat bumps) followed by a layer of the priming moisturizer.  Balm.com on my lips and anywhere else I might need extra moisturizer. 

5. Essential Make-up
There's really nothing a little bronzer and concealer can't do.  The stretch concealer works for both blemishes and under eyes, and can be mixed into the priming moisturizer for a light foundation in a pinch. The bronzer in Topaz is great on cheekbones and also on eyes. You could even use it on lips, although shimmery lips is not my thing. 

6. Reusable Water Bottle
Post-workout hydration is the key to keeping skin bouncy and glowing. I try to use a reusable water bottle whenever possible. Love this one because it's so darn cute and also dishwasher safe. 

This post was by request. I love requests. Ask me anything!