Finally, fall is here. Temperatures have started to drop, sweaters have come out of hiding, and the idea of being warm actually feels "cozy" instead of sweaty and gross.

This candle, handmade from all natural ingredients in Chicago, turns into a super moisturizing body/massage oil as it melts. It's so pleasant to rub on your dry hands and cuticles (take THAT winter!)

Which is how I came upon this delightful treat. I went in for a dope manicure/pedicure and when my partner in crime mentioned my blog (I am obsessed with their Detox Powder which treats chicken skin like nothing else) and as a thank you for writing about them they gave me some treats to try out.

I fell into a deep love with this candle, which now sits in a coveted spot on my bedside table. Here's why I love it:

1. THE SMELL: The smell is a gentle mix of sweetness and spice, not cloying. The call it cinnamon, vanilla and mulberry but there's something more complex to it. Almost like a cup of apple cider with a slice of pumpkin pie served outside surrounded by pine leaves and maybe some tobacco or amber notes to keep it from being too femme. The sweetness is subtle, never cloying.

2. IT TURNS INTO A WARM MOISTURIZING TREATMENT: It feels so good to rub the warmed oil into dry skin, and it leaves behind just the gentlest whiff of scenr.

3. IT'S CUTE AF: I mean the name? The adorable packaging?  This would make a great gift. Like giving someone two hours of snuggling as a present. Hashtag #shopsmall

They also have about a trillion other delicious scents (if you hate snuggling and decorative gourd season, but then I'm not sure we can be friends... j/k*)

Mojo Spa Warm & Cozy Candle | Rose Gold Martini Shaker | Blonde Lasagna Print

*kinda, not really