I'll admit it. I wash my hair about once every 5-7 days. It's awesome. It's both environmentally friendly (saving water! saving on products! saving on electricity for heat styling! saving on washing towels!) and also laziness friendly. But what do you do when you have a blowout scheduled the next day and your hair is still shiny but when it touches your neck or face it feels like a dirty, dried out kitchen sponge?

Enter the 6th day updo. It's  magical updo, in that it can be crafted from like 4 bobby pins and will retain it's height and architectural integrity. It just gets better the more the wind tousles it. It will be voluminous but also sleek and shiny. It screams IDGAF while also emphasizing your cheek bones. It looks awesome paired with a pajama top and a big coat that you're too lazy to put your arms through. Add in some gigantic sunglasses and you look like an off duty Kardashian, but really you're just a dirty, lazy, very comfortable human.

Sunglasses | Pajama Top |  Camel Coat (similar)  
On lips: Glossier Gen G in Zip + Jam applied and then wiped off but not all the way. 
On skin: New foundation insanity, check back tomorrow for the full routine but it involves the layering of photography fluid, photography foundation in golden tan, new oil-free foundation and blemish fighting concealer