Alternate title: My Favorite Runway Look this Year Didn't Require Buying a Single Thing

The big news this season has been all about buying right off the runway. Finally fashion is catching up with the "insta" generation by closing the gap time between when we "see" looks on the runways and can actually buy them. This is of course in response to fast fashion which has been essentially shortening production times, creating "homages" to these looks at a much lower price point, and then eating their lunch.

But this look is different. It takes it to the next level. It caught my eye immediately because it was so freaking chic. So french, so effortless, so brilliant, and so wearable. I wasn't the only one who became instantly obsessed - Man Repeller's Amelia Diamond called it, "the best look"  from (Yves?) Saint Laurent.

And I could recreate it with only things I already had in my closet. To wit:
A white tee (duh)
A handful of pins (yup, got that)
A longer jean jacket
A bigger leather jacket
A somewhat wrapped architectural skirt
Undone, air dryed hair

I'm not sure why this layering looks so unbearably chic but I'm glad it does, because I LOVE this. Plus it's warm and there's a t-shirt involved.

What do you think? Did I manage to piece together the look "for less" *gawd I hate that expression* while till capturing that french girl cool?

The Original Look (photo from via Saint Laurent