It's layering time! I love layering - it's a skill I feel especially skilled at having spent most of my life with a weird scientific phenomenon called "micro-climates." Layering well involves one of the most fun processes of addition and subtraction of fun accessories to produce an outfit that can weather about a 20 degree temperature range. It's best used during seasonal transitions and the entire season known as "Fall."

Behold my current favorite layering pieces. They are versatile, fold up to shove into a reasonably sized bucket bag, and help as you move through your day getting colder and warmer at the fickle weather changes.

A Gigantic Scarf

This kind of scarf has long been a favorite because it can be a scarf, it can be a blanket on planes or in movie theaters, it looks super chic with it's over sized kravitz-inspired boheme.

Amazing "Tech Gloves"

These gorgeous ones from Rebecca Minkoff will still work on your touchscreen phones. Plus they feel amazing. PS These are 25% off today!

Super Thick Moisturizing Matte Lipstick

Loving the Katy Kat Matte in Sphynx, which goes on thick but not sticky, is a very plumping pinky brown, and even has a cute, minimalist tube.

Rose Colored (Oversized) Glasses

A rose gold lense can actually help increase visibility when it's grey or overcast and these also boast extra SPF protection for around the eyes. They also act as my "city goggles" protecting my eyes from biting, drying wind.