I feel like having a hairdresser for a mother comes with so many perks it should be a list all it own, but one I learned (long before celeb stylists were asking for baby pictures)  is that everyone looks the best with their natural color. You need less blush and bronzer. Faux tanner becomes optional. Lips and cheeks look rosier and flushed with health.

Right about now - pre or post halloween depending heavily on costume choice - is when I give up on applying paper thing layers of faux tanner religiously. In the waning syrupy golden light of fall, it starts to look more and more orange with every passing day. I also feel myself getting "washed out" by the summery highlights in my hair. The flaxen strands I coveted in June now look crunchy and unnatural. I crave my fall clothes with something I imagine others feel about pumpkin spice latte. Now is when my babies come out, the ones I'm either less likely to wear in summer (my blacks and greys) or the other kind of white blouse, the kind that is not gauzy or embroidered. Dark, thigh hugging jeans  + white/grey/black top  +some kind of leather jacket = as close as to a uniform as someone can get who has never worn the exact same outfit twice.  Oh the time I save getting ready. I take it all and spend it moisturizing. Let us never forget, winter is coming.

Why do I find this monochromatic pallet so appealing to my "medium-neutral" skin and naturally dark hair?  My cheeks (and nose and lips) becomes permanently flushed from cold. I think I look a bit like a freckled snow white. Like a disney princess, but an empowered, hero-of-her-own-story kind of one.

On lips: Glossier Gen G in Like On Hair: Ouai Hair Oil + Straightening Iron

Everlane  U-Neck tee (a steal at $18, just remember to size way down) | White shades from Alexander McQueen (similar) and my vintage Swedish Hasbeens | Cream Leather Jacket (sim) | Flared Jeans