Now obviously I am incredibly predisposed to like this color just for the name below. (see above) But  since it also happens to be a super sexy, super flattering, super on trend brown shade that you can slap on suddenly you're late 90s Cindy Crawford, well this may be my new favorite shade (sorry like!) Even my husband, hater of all lipsticks, noticed and said it looked "hot." I was so shocked I wore it to bed with my pink pimple stuff. Note, that was slightly less hot. But not much.

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Wearing: Generation G in Leo +  Haloscope in Topaz, Armani Luminous Silk  FoundationMascara 1 - Mascara 2,  Clear Brow Growth Gel,  Brow PomadeBrow Gel, Naked Weightless Concealer

Necklaces from Etsy: Seed Beads | Gold + Beads | Nameplate