My skin is freaking out about the change of seasons and the result is something wholly unpleasant. Tightness, flaking, sensitivity - even acne - all because of a little temperature change. But we are nothing but molecules and science. The dry, cold air is sucking the moisture from our bodies (especially our skin) and the result is basic a sliding scale taking things OOC or maybe just out of balance.

These products are all about finding that balance.

The Tsubaki Beauty Oil from Boscia, in addition to being a centuries old Japanese beauty treatment, it also boasts scientific evidence that the oil (from a camellia) most closely mimics our skins own natural healthy oils. This makes the oil effective and absorbent, but also non-irritating and  non-comedogenic (that's pore clogging in fancy talk) which makes it perfect for skin like mine where the pendulum is always swinging between one extreme and the other.

With the oil, I also got the gentle exfoliating powder from the same line -  it appears to be sold out on, but you can still find it in other places. In addition to having it's own does of the oil it can be used in different ways to adjust to how your skin is doing. Adding more water makes it gentler. It can also be activated with toner (it's SO awesome with my Botanical Nutrition Power Toner) or even by mixing it into a thicker paste with the Tsubaki oil - creating a gentle paste that rubbed off all my flakey patches and left my skin soft, bouncy and glowing. The oil also gives a super boost when mixed with foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Last, but definitely not least, I have been battling some serious peeling lip syndrome. Waking up with stinging cuts from where my lips split and disgusting shingles of flesh. We are talking extreme situation here. I've had my eye on this lip sleeping mask for awhile (I mean how cute is the packaging???) but I finally caved and I am a convert. The paste is thick and creamy but not sticky. It has a pleasant, mild fruity smell. It lasts forever (I've started using it in daytime and it lasts for hours and hours.) In the morning I wake up and my lips don't hurt. They don't peel. It's magic.

Tsubaki Beauty Oil  and exfoliating powder  | lip sleeping mask