Puppies** have tremendous therapeutic benefits. They lower blood pressure, aid with anxiety and stress, and some studies have shown that pet owners actually live longer than non-pet owners.

Bit is the newest rescue dog to join our family - an interesting addition picked from Paws no-kill shelter in Chicago by her big brother Fenway. They adore each other. It's ridiculous. Nobody expected two animals of such different sizes to get along as well as they do.

Sometimes it just works.

We have no idea what she is but they suspect some combination of Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire terrier. I call call her a Jorky. Catchy, no?

Her favorite things include sleeping on or near her family, being as close to her brother as possible at all times, being carried around in a purse or in the front of a shirt or jacket, other forms of snuggling, and having her picture taken. Walking down the street with her without interruption is almost impossible. Put the two of them together and it's basically a traffic jam.

Her hobbies include ballet (look at that turn out!) and scaring the shit out of her mom by sleeping underneath her gigantic brother/father. She's also an expert at chewing on phone charging wires, wrestling with her brother, and manipulating people and animals with her absurd cuteness.

Bit enjoys wearing clothes, human jewelry and anything else that will make people say "OH my gawd, she's so cute!"  She is also quite fearless, making her a very popular addition to the local dog run with her propensity to play with dogs ten to fifteen times her size.  Her willingness to "defend" her much larger brother is  also a phenomenon to be seen.

She rarely barks but does occasionally squeak. She also makes a ferocious play noise she picked up from her brother which on her sounds like a cat purring, but which makes him back off immediately.

Her full name is Bit Posey Smith. Knicknames include: Bitsy, Tiny Monster, and the littlest Smith.

She is featured frequently on her mom's instagram stories, and also shares a handle with her brother @fenwayandlilbit.  #adoptdontshop

Sweater | Collar (inherited from a friend who outgrew it, but this one is similar)

First photo by Auntie Zoe.

**Puppies refers to dogs of all ages and genders.