Since skin is the largest organ in the body it can and will reflect the systemic things we do to our body. Stress, sleeplessness, poor nutrition, hormones, injecting toxic chemicals, etc...Yes, injecting toxic chemicals. And, no, I'm not just talking about chemo (although when am I not talking about chemo?) but also living in a city breathing in pollution, preservatives, pesticides. Our skin protects the rest of us from all of that but it takes a hit.

There is nothing that makes me feel more sorry for myself than when I can see how bad I'm feeling written all over my face - patches of dryness, acne, gaping pores - to me these are not "cosmetic imperfections" they are a barometer for the health of my total body. Since I subject my body to so much, and ask so much of it in return, it amplifies my feelings of self-pity. I look in the mirror and my skin says "Poor Dena, poor poor Dena."

And I look back and it and I say, "NO, you will not drag me down this shame spiral! I will lovingly recreate balance and harmony, and until that is achieved again I will drape you in finery, accent your best features, create and project an image of outward health that will gently ease the rest of my system back into a place of comfort."

No small feat for make-up, right?

Well, it works. Look good, feel good - it's a thing. But only when we treat make-up as a reward. As something fun.  Not as a punishment for misbehaving (which only makes things worse!) and not as a way to confirm to what someone else or something else makes us think we should be. Mastery of our own bodies. Self love.

Set an intention for goodness, balance, harmony and gentleness and it will reward you.

But enough of this hippy woo woo shit - here's a list of the products I treated myself to that make me so happy right now.

Mist 1
The Supers
Eye Stick
Eyelash Curler
Liner with Growth Treatment 
Makeup Palette
Mascara 1 - Mascara 2
Priming Moisturizer
Concealer (under eye) 
Concealer (stick)

Clear Brow Growth Gel
Brow Pomade
Brow Gel
Lip Pencil
Lip Stick

But seriously, how rad is this custom cuff?