What do you wear to a costume optional Cards Against Humanity tournament benefitting the Hillary campaign? Answer, whatever you have lying around the house. In my case this meant making "kitty ear buns", a cat eyeliner, all black including (very important) a Hillary shirt (you can totally make your own) and then you're out the door.

Easy as voting. ;)

Here's what you'll need:

2 hair elastics
2 bobby pins
black eyeliner
the ability to draw a straight line on your face (probably the hardest part)
all black clothes
Hillary shirt

1) Make two small pigtails at the top of the head using the elastics.
2) Wrap the tails around the base to form two ears, securing with bobby pins.
3) Apply cat eye.
4) Put on black clothes.
5) Walk around all night saying "I do not want to be grabbed by a yellow crayon pretending to be a presidential campaign. Can you explain tax evasion to me?"