Listen, I'm not going to tell you again that fashion is repeating itself. I already wrote beautiful metaphors to acknowledge my feelings of deja vu. I've talked about how 90s Dena would love my current look. I also remember hating it every time my mom would notice me in something cool and "new" and would say "OH, I remember wearing those." But mine are different Mom. I can hear myself whining. You don't need that from me. It is all same, same but different.

Take brown lipstick. Something I thought I would never never be into again. It's back. It's just a saturated, punched up, dirtier nude. It looks sexy. It's flattering on lots of skin tones when it's done right. This time I will not be wearing it with eyeliner as lipliner. I will not be slicking my hair back except for two pencil thin pieces which will hang languidly in my eyes. I will also be wearing blush (something I did not get in high school) and I will have found a color that plumps my lips instead of sending my upper lip receding into my gum line.

My current favorite? The wash of subtle brown that is Leo by Glossier. And no, not just because of the name, although I love the name.

Instead of using it to bash people over the head with my edginess, and my sporty lipstick wearing contrariness, I am going to channel the emo sophistication of a super model. 90s Gwenyth Paltrow, not 90s Gwen Stefani (love you girl, your style rocks, it's just not for me anymore!)

So, I pulled out my most sophisticated stops. Big amber glasses. Camel coat. Black cut-out turtleneck with true black high waisted jeans.  French Girl air dried hair. Nod to 90s raver chicks with my beloved "candy" bracelets from Roxanne Assoulin + apple watch stack. Fuzzy Slippers. Ok, maybe there's a little Stefani in there after all.